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NEW Branston Pickle PMP £2.29

NEW Perfect in a cheese sandwich!. Suitable for vegans. Available now to order from Mizkan.

NEW Vegan Mayo Tub 5L

NEW Our very own Heinz [Seriously] Good, now Vegan. Perfect for Vegan and Non-Vegan dishes alike. Available to order now .

NEW Swizzels Christmas Drums 650g

NEW The Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites is a classic collection of the most popular Swizzels sweets and lollies deal for sharing or given as a gift for those with a sweet tooth!

NEW Violife Creamy Original

NEW This Violife Creamy Original is a favourite vegan treat in a spreadable, creamy variety. With a creamy taste, pale white appearance and soft texture, this vegan spread is a fantastic alternative to dairy spreads and works perfectly on bread.

NEW Cadburys Jingly Bells

NEW A fun bag of milk chocolates with a milk chocolate and hazelnut filling. Order now from Mondelez.

NEW Maggi Original Gravy 1.8 kg

NEW The MAGGI® Original Gravy 1.8kg tub is the versatile staple that chefs use in their kitchens to accompany a wide range of classic meat dishes. The MAGGI® Original Gravy 1.8kg mix allows chefs to serve up a gravy that can be used as prepared delivering consistency of flavour, or easily customisable.


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