Jake Pearson

  1. What is your role at Confex and how long have you worked here?
    I work in the accounts department; my main responsibilities include inputting supplier invoices, chasing suppliers for credits and approving credits for our customers- along with a lot of problem solving! I have worked here nearly 2 and a half years after joining full time in 2015. Before this I used to do temporary work here during my college/university breaks.
  2. What did you do before joining Confex?
    I studied Art & Design at college which then led on to me studying a 3 year course at university in Primary School Teaching. Since then I've worked in varied jobs from a Primary School to a Dating Agency!
  3. What do you do when you’re not at Confex?
    I like to spend my time relaxing at home or going out for meals with friends and family. I also like to draw and do some photography in my spare time.
  4. If you were able to retire tomorrow, how would you spend your time?
    I think I would like to still work on a part time basis (I think I would get too bored!) I would love to have my own studio and do artwork all day if I could!
  5. Who inspires you?
    I'm always very inspired by people who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in and who fight for equality in this world.
  6. What type of business would you go into, if it wasn’t wholesale?
    An Art & Design business or a company that creates resources for teachers and pupils at school.
  7. What is the most interesting place you have visited and why?
    I went to Lanzarote about 10 years ago, there is a resident artist there called César Manrique who has very quirky sculptures dotted around the country and visited his home which is quite spectacular and awe inspiring for budding artists!
  8. What do you like about working at Confex?
    I really enjoy working in a small team, it definitely makes me feel valued. I also enjoy how no two days are really the same with the varying amount of enquiries that come in and how I have to use my investigation skills to solve certain problems.